100 Years Ago: 1920

The Girls’ Glee Club, recently organized at the YWCA, of which Miss Hazel Woodbury is the director, will hold its first meeting at 8 o-clock-Tuesday evening at the Blue Triangle in Auburn. This singing club has been gotten together for fun and to promote sociability, and also to bring out the musical talent of its members. The members will have the advantage of the technical training in music, which Miss Woobury, as leader, will give.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Its exterior carpentry previously completed by second year students attending classes at the Central Maine Vocational Technical Institute in Auburn, the 174-year-old Knight House now glistens with new paint. After blow-torch searing of knots to the new pine clapboards by Rower J. Morin and Sons Inc. of Auburn. These painting processes were contributed by the respective Auburn firm. The siding is gray with white trim and looks very neat with full style doors and windows. The Morin firm has offered to do the second painting of colonial red with white trim to the oldest remaining frame dwelling in the Central part of Auburn. The historic building has reached the point where interior work can continue this winter as contributions keep coming into the Auburn Heritage Inc., the non-profit organization in charge of the restoration project.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Gerald Ford says all he really wanted to be was speaker of the House, not president. “l envy Newt Gingrich,” the former president said during a speech Tuesday night at Drew University. Ford, 81, was the minority leader of the House when President Nixon picked him to replace Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, who resigned in 1973. Ford became president when Nixon resigned the following year. He said he supports most of the Contract with America championed by Gingrich, with the exception of a balanced budget amendment and term limits. “After all, I got elected 13 times,” he said.

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