100 Years Ago: 1920

A hunting party composed of Major George C. Webber and Dr. Archer Jordan of Auburn. Dr. Wallace E. Webber, Dr. W.W. Bolster, Dr. J. E. Dupras and Harry Coombs of Lewiston, returned a few days ago from a very successful trip in the woods above Moosehead Lake. They brought down three handsome bucks and three does and besides having all the big and small game they wanted to eat while in camp, brought out a large string of partridges.

50 Years Ago: 1970

The office at Androscoggin Home Health Service 59 Mill Street, Auburn, was the scene Wednesday afternoon of the presentation of women of the area who have completed a six-week new period in homemaker services. A Model Cities — funded program,  the homemaker project is designed to give informal and practical training in the various homemaker skills to Model Neighborhood girls and women who are currently lacking these skills. A second aspect of this project is to deploy homemakers into homes in crisis situations to serve as “substitute mothers needed in an emergency implicated absence of the mother. Androscoggin Home Health has another homemaker project which presently serves the older Americans in the Lewiston and Auburn area. Rachelle Cronkhite, introduced Mrs. Lucile Giasson, Nursing director, who presented the graduates with certificates of completion and homemaker emblems.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Whether you needed directions to a lawn sale or a bag of chips and a video, the store at the hub of Harlow Hill and Roxbury Road was the place, actually Phil’s Place. Since Oct. 31, Phil’s Place has changed ownership, becoming Mexico One Stop with new owner Gary Collins. “It was Halloween. and kids were scared to death when they came in here and saw him (Collins),” former owner Phil Drapeau joked at the store Tuesday. “He’s not as good  looking as I am.” Drapeau and his wife, Rose, ran the store for 15 years, experiencing changes in the town, such as the merging of Rumford and Mexico schools, via discussions with their customers. “We saw the little kids begin school,” Rose Drapeau said, using the palm of her hand to demonstrate the height of a first-grader, then slowly raising it. “Then we saw the kids leave school. We’ve seen a lifetime.”

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