To the Editor:

Maine Governor, Janet Mills, kept Maine’s COVID infection and death rates the lowest in the nation. That was before President Trump brought his super-spreader campaign events to Maine. Governor Mills personally asked Trump not to come. He came. The virus is now spreading rapidly!!

Governor Mills resisted when Republicans in the Legislature irresponsibly attacked her for not opening up too soon, like many of the Republican states who opened too early and who are now exceeding their medical capabilities. These Republicans in the Legislature who refused to stand against Trump bringing his killer events to Maine should be disqualified from any further public service.

Governor Mills is a hero and has earned a big “Thank You!” from all of us. She saved more small business owners’ lives, and their customers’ lives, than Republican Governors. And most of us, who watched Paul LePage, believe he would have had the highest death rates in the country.

Bob Jean

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