Charlie is waiting for someone to throw the ball for him. Submitted photo

Xander. Submitted photo

Charlie is the dog of the week, a three year old male Pitbull Terrier mix and he loves people. When you walk into the dog room, he is smiling and wagging his tail in the front of the kennel like you came in just to see him, even if you didn’t! He greets everyone like they are a long lost friend.

Charlie loves going for walks. He fetches like a Labrador, loves to chew on sturdy toys, and hang out on the couch so you can scratch his back. Unfortunately Charlie will need a home where there are no cats, he is way too interested in the feral cats that live here at the shelter. Charlie can also be a little mouthy when he gets excited.

Charlie could probably live with a dog that was chill and not pesky. His rescue in Mississippi said he was not a dog that enjoyed rough housing and puppy like play. In his kennel he wags his tail and smiles at quiet dogs that walk by! We can always do a meet and greet with Charlie and the dog you have so plan to bring them along. He would also be happy to be an only dog and have all your attention to himself.

Charlie was diagnosed with a breathing condition (brachycephalic syndrome) which is common to dogs of his type when he was in Mississippi. He is much better up here in Maine. He has been practicing his leash skills in an Easy Walk harness which has helped a lot too.

Xander is the male cat of the week, four to six years old and a real social young gentleman. He says, “Hi! My name is Xander. I am a very sweet and laid-back gentleman who loves to be held and loves attention. I get along really well with the other cat social cats here at the shelter, and even try really hard to be friends with the not so cat social cats here.”


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