To the Editor:


There will come a day when you will miss me curling around your legs as you rise in the morning.

There will come a time when you will look into the moonless sky and see me darting from pool of dark to pool of dark. You will feel me hop up onto the bed.

There will come a time you will see me standing on every fencepost, in every corner. A thing will fall in the night and you will think “that damn cat.”

And know that I have loved you. Know in my own way, that you were the world to me. Know that in the night when I curled up perfectly in your side or on your chest or on your face that it was perfect and that was perfection and I meant every purr.

Know that in some way I am in every corner, on every fence post, in every moon and every moonless sky and every time you think you see me I am there. Know that the day has come, and there will be other days and other cats and other kittens and they won’t be the same but they will love you in their own way.

Maybe they will save you. Maybe you will pluck them from the bottom of a trash can and save them. Maybe they will form a pretzel cat on your chest during the worst moments of all and maybe they will help you like I did. Maybe you humans will help them like you helped me.

I know in life I wasn’t a fan of other animals. I hissed at dogs, murdered woodland creatures and no bird passed by without fearing for it’s life. But it is your duty to steward other kittens, raise them up, show them kindness. Because as I have said, the world left on it’s own is not kind for anyone, any creature large or small.

I would not survive. You would not survive.

Know that I love you. Know that we had the best life. Know that I miss you. I know that you miss me.

That Damned Cat

(with the help of J. Bolduc)


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