Due to someone associated with the Rangeley Town Office testing positive for Covid-19 the Town Office is closed to the public from December 31, 2020 until January 11, 2021.   As a result of the office closure the January 4, 2021 Board of Selectmen’s meeting was conducted via Zoom.  District 17 State Senator Russell Black briefly joined the Zoom meeting to update the Selectmen on a legislative proposal to expand the number of Franklin County Commissioners from three to five.  An increase in the number of Commissioners would provide towns that pay a high County tax such as Carrabassett Valley and Rangeley an opportunity for greater representation in County affairs.  The Selectmen agreed to send a letter of support for this legislation in the near future.
Town Manager Joe Roach informed the Board he continues to organize a joint meeting with the neighboring Plantations to discuss Consolidated Communications’ broadband proposal.  A meeting date will be available for the Selectmen to review at their next meeting.
The Town Manager noted work was also underway on a Tax Increment Financing Policy (TIF) to supplement the TIF Development Program that goes before the voters on March 9, 2021.  He proposed a reoccurring item be added to the Board of Selectmen’s agendas to provide for conflict of interest disclosures.  The Selectmen agreed to adopt this proposal.
A liquor license renewal was granted to the Rangeley Friends of the Performing Arts at their Lakeside Theater location.
The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club fireworks event scheduled for January 23, 2021 at the Rangeley Town Park has been approved by the Park Commission and the Board of Selectmen.
The Executive Session for the Fire Chief’s Annual Performance Evaluation was postponed until conditions allow in person Selectmen’s meetings.
The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 6:00pm and will be accessible via Zoom.  The meeting ID will be available on the meeting notification posted at the Post Office, Town Office and Town’s website, townofrangeley.com.

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