From left: Nick Leadley and Brian St. Louis


After 24 years of service Brian St. Louis, co-owner of Sunrise View Farms, has stepped down from being the caretaker of Saddleback Lake Lodges.

With 36 units, Saddleback Lake Lodges required year-round care and maintenance. 36 units means 36 driveways to plow, 36 walkways to shovel, 36 lawns to mow, gardens to tend to, and other behind the scenes tasks. Easing into retirement, St. Louis decided to scale back on this large commitment. In appreciation of the decades of great service, the Saddleback Lake Lodges Board showed their appreciation by presenting an aerial photograph of Saddleback Lake Lodges. The photo was both taken and presented by Nick Leadley of Nick Leadley Nature Photography, who is also a member of the Saddleback Lake Lodges Board.



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