BUCKFIELD — A local man was arrested at his home Thursday after state police arrived to talk about a protection order and he answered the door with an ax in hand.

Police said Daniel Sweetser, 34, was arrested on charges of failing to appear on a charge of violating a protection order and domestic violence-related criminal mischief.

Sweetser came out of his home at 50 Tucker Road peacefully after a two-hour standoff, state police said.

State police initially arrived shortly before 1 p.m. to investigate a possible violation of a protection order. When Sweetser opened the door with an ax in hand, police withdrew and called for backup. Oxford County Sheriff’s officials said Sweetser acted hostile toward the officers and withdrew inside.

Eventually, a police sergeant contacted the U.S. Army veteran by phone and convinced him to come out. He was taken to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta, where the warrants originated.

The drama began when police first attempted to make contact. Over the next two hours, more police officers arrived and Buckfield fire and rescue departments were staged nearby.

Roads around the scene, Darnit and Hammond Hill in particular, were being shut down.

Tucker Road runs between Paris Hill and Darnit roads. On the Paris Hill end, it is known as Decoster Road.

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