Hunting club trophies. Submitted photo

The youth buck trophy went to Aubrey Kachnovich, for bagging her buck of 145 lbs 5 points. Submitted photo

REGION — Congratulations to Jay-Livermore Falls Hunting Club members who succeeded in filling their tags. Due to restrictions on meetings, things were done a little different. Please text or call to pick up your trophies; you can contact Jeff Newcomb at 212 5680 or Larry Lord 779 4306.

Douten Thomas getting most points with 10, on a 155 lbs buck, Cole Richards, bagged the biggest doe, weighing in at 142 lbs. Biggest buck trophy went to Yoland Gauvin, he dropped a 10 point, 194 lbs buck. Winner of the second biggest buck trophy was Richie Newcomb. His buck weighed 166 lbs and sported eight points.

Ethan Castonguay hauled in the biggest moose trophy with a 620 lbs., 13-point bull. Jack Bryant’s 220 lbs male bear was the biggest bear. Alex Grimaldi had the second biggest doe at 130 lbs. Second most points on a deer, went to George Newcomb III, 163 lbs, and nine points.

Muzzleloading champ Adam Castonguay brought down a 158 lbs, seven- point buck. For archery the trophy went to Jack Bryant for a 102 lb. doe.

Spring turkey hunter Cole Richards brought in a Tom weighing 15.4 lbs with a 1/3 beard, 1/4 spur,.  The biggest turkey in the fall was bagged by Jack Bryant. It was 19 lbs, with an 8 inch beard, 3/4 spur. Jim Newcomb bagged the smallest doe with a crossbow of 100 lbs.

Youth Day Doe award went to Hadley Stevenson for a 119 lbs doe.  Levi Richards bagged the smallest buck, which weighed in at 85 lbs.  Aubrey Kachnovich took the youth buck trophy for her 145 lbs. 5 point buck.

Congratulations to all the trophy winners, great job. Please text or call to pick up your trophies, you can contact Jeff Newcomb at 212-5680 or Larry Lord 779-4306.  Membership tickets for 2021 can be purchased anytime, please contact us.  A big thanks to Brettun’s Variety for all there help this past hunting season it was very much appreciated.

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