Last Valentine’s Day, we were still one blissful month away from the pandemic officially reaching Maine. We ate inside restaurants! We socialized at parties! We met strangers from dating apps without fear! (OK, maybe fear that we’d get murdered, but no fear they’d breathe a plague on us.)

Oh, those were the days.

But Shopping Siren isn’t about to give up on Valentine’s Day 2021. Sure, it’ll be different. And more people will be celebrating solo at home. Still, it’s a day for love and caring, and we need that now.

Got your own party of one? I’ve got some ideas.

Virtual Portland Symphony Orchestra concert, $10 and up

You no longer have to worry about the best seat in the house because the best seat is in your house. This Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky concert runs on demand from Feb. 17 through March 19 and features musicians Anna Shelest and Joseph Foley. No, I don’t know who they are, either. But they’re probably really good! And how many other times in your life can you attend a world-class concert in your pajamas with your dog dozing beside you? Like three times, max.


Pair with:

DaVinci’s Eatery to go, prices vary

A full Italian meal packaged up just for you in Lewiston. Maybe you want a small chicken amore for $16. Or portobella and steak ravioli for $20. Or 60 garlic knots for $40. No one will judge you! We will, however, ask you for the leftovers, please and thank you.

L/A Community Little Theatre virtual concert, free

Streaming at 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this concert will feature a local cast and crew of 30 performing 14 Broadway and popular love songs, plus some love letter readings. (We’re sure they have permission. Or they stole a few diaries. Log in to find out!)

Pair with:


Mother India to go, prices vary

The Indian restaurant in Lewiston has gone all takeout since COVID-19 hit, but we’re sure their food is still just as amazing as always. Grab some garlic naan for $4.95, chicken biryani for $15.95 and a chai for $3.50 and you have yourself an awesome evening for $25. As a charming dinner companion, you’re easily worth three or four times that, so you’re getting a good deal.

Heartfelt Cookies, $18 and up for a dozen

Baked by Ann-Marie Comeau out of her Farmington home, these cookies can be custom ordered to be gluten free, vegan, keto diet-friendly or sugar free. And they aren’t some boring plain vanilla, either — think chocolate caramel cookies filled with Rolo candies, or strawberry cheesecake cookies, or fig cookies with fig jam. Can’t decide? There’s also the gourmet cookie club, which gets you a dozen cookies each month starting at $49.99 for three months. Because you should love you in March and April, too.

Pair with:

Wine Club, The Vault, $89.97 and up


Sure, you can get fabulous wines you already know and love from The Vault in Lewiston (curbside now or delivered!). But there’s something to be said for trying something new and possibly life shatteringly amazing. Or maybe yucky? Wine, like life, is full of surprises. Get two bottles each month for three months, or go big with the six- or 12-month options. Wine all the time, it’s the 2021 motto.

Best find: Romance novels by Maine authors, prices vary

Looking for a lesbian time travel romance? A sci fi love story? A steamy tale set in a small town that could totally be your town and totally your life if only you had a devastatingly handsome neighbor and snappier dialogue? Check out Maine Romance Writers, an organization of Maine authors who love to love love. The site lists dozens of writers and links to their websites, where you can learn more about each person’s niche. Finding a new love really is that easy.

Think twice: About skipping Valentine’s Day

Love yourself and the rest is gravy.

Shopping Siren’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who will always love you, even when you only pretend to throw the tennis ball) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at

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