DEAR SUN SPOTS: The L&A Veterans Council would like to make an urgent appeal to all  family and friends of veterans either serving now or who have retired or passed on to make a lasting gift to their memory. Submit their names to be inscribed on our next monument at the Veterans Memorial Park by the Great Falls in Lewiston.

We are taking names now for our 33rd monument, but we are running short of our goal to have all 216 names for our next monument to be unveiled on next Memorial Day weekend 2021. We have one side of the monument (108 names) completed this year so any applications to add names to the other side of the monument would be greatly appreciated. If we do not have all the names needed (216), we will not have an unveiling of a stone this year on Memorial Day in May. It will be the first time in the history of the Veterans Memorial Park that we do not unveil a new stone at that time.

The only requisite is that the veteran served honorably and that there is proof of service such as a copy of a DD214, Honorable Discharge, photo of a military grave marker, dog tags, photo in uniform, obituary, commendations from the Department of Defense, etc. Veterans should be from Maine or have family ties to Maine, such as veterans who are retired and living in other states. This applies to all branches of the military services, and service during any war or conflict, in peacetime or wartime.

Forms can be obtained by either calling or emailing Norm Cote at 782-1725 or at [email protected]
Applications are also available at the Lewiston and Auburn city websites. A list of all the names on our monuments is also on these sites. Just type “veteran” into the search box at  or at .

Thank you to all the Sun Spots readers who have helped with this effort over the years. — Norm, treasurer, L&A Veterans Council, Lewiston

ANSWER: The Veterans Memorial Park is a lovely gem that honors those who have served in the military over all these past decades. Honoring your service member by including their name on these markers is an affordable, long-lasting way to remember them. Please spread the word. I want to personally thank Norm and the group involved who work to promote this important effort.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Your advice on avoiding nuisance telephone calls in your column of Feb. 3 should help some of your readers, but not all. Most of the people targeted are elderly people, like me, who do not have internet and so are not able to use the online address you provided.

My land line is with Consolidated Communications. They offer a Telemarketer-Do not Disturb Service at $4.95 per month which requires callers to press “1”on their telephone to connect. I receive no telemarketer calls now and this service is worth much more than it cost me. Other telephone companies may offer this service as well. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Thank you for sending in this additional information. Readers, if you have other phone carriers with this service, please write in so I can add it to the Rolodex.

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