Great Horned Owl Anne Berleant


Western Maine Audubon invites the general public to a free online webinar on Wednesday, March 10 at 7:00 pm presented by the Chewonki Foundation: “Predators: The Balance of Nature.”

Scary, disgusting, wicked, vicious—nature’s predators have a rough reputation. On March 10 at 7:00 pm, Western Maine Audubon invites the public to experience the Chewonki Foundation’s online presentation, “Predators: The Balance of Nature.” This free webinar explores the many commonly held myths about predators and then works to dispel those myths. Highlighting the remarkable adaptations that help predators find and consume their prey, the presentation will engage participants with a vivid slideshow and lively discussion. Chewonki’s presenter will use the lens of food webs and natural cycles to explore problems faced by predators in our world, including examples of their decline throughout history due to habitat loss and human interference. A discussion of current events will emphasize the importance of predators in maintaining the world’s ecological balance.

This presentation is free to the general public. To register, please sign on to the Western Maine Audubon webpage at, and click on the register button which will bring you to the Maine Audubon registration page for this event. After registering you will receive a confirmation by email and the necessary link to the talk.

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