I’m embarrassed to say that the editor has not gotten outdoors as much as the editor would like to. The reason for my confession is that I am thinking that perhaps there are some readers who feel the same way and so can relate. I have a kind of guilty conscience about it, but it is what it is.
Is it because of COVID-19? No. Do I have the winter blues? No. I just plain haven’t. I’m glued to my computer day and night.
The last time I got out, I went to the library, picked up a book and my order of delicious (Patti Cerminara & family made) tomato sauce from the Rangeley Public Library fundraiser, and went straight back home.
The time before that was on February 6th when I ventured out for the annual Bald Mountain Camps Fly-In. The event is attractive for many reasons but for me, it’s the planes. Perhaps it’s the sense of freedom that a plane conveys. I haven’t been on a plane for over a year and don’t see myself getting on one any time soon, so when I see them up close, like at the BMC event, it makes me happy for others. The pilots I spoke to said it was a little bumpy but well worth the trip.

Three planes making a little show for those of us on the ice as they made their departure. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

I mingled a bit and then promptly went inside. I couldn’t help it. It was too windy for me. When did I become such a wimp? Anyway, I enjoyed the delicious beef stew and wound up getting a great seat by the window where I could see the planes come and go.

Kelli Young and her daughter Alice of Newry enjoying the view from the main dining room of Bald Mountain Camps. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the show from inside the restaurant. I spoke to Kenny and Kelli Young of Newry, who came up with their young daughter Alice for the event. They had braved the outside longer than me and had also come in for a bite to eat. I got to watching little Alice almost as much as the planes and sure enough we all got to talking. Kenny and Kelli come up to Rangeley once in a while to go skiing and visit family and yes, it always winds up in a conversation about how it’s a small world and how we know the same people. That’s one of the great things about living in a small town. I should really get out more…

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