100 Years Ago: 1921

A costume party was held last evening at Riverview Grange, a one cent fine was imposed for failing to appear in costume. Each person responded with remarks, a clipping, reading or music.

50 Years Ago: 1971

The former Phil-O- Mar Restaurant on Washington St., Auburn, closed since last October, is to be opened soon under the name of Rolandeau’s Inc. Announcement of the purchase of the property was made Friday by Roland L. Nadeau of Lewiston, the head of the new corporation. Nadeau said he expects that the restaurant will be ready to reopen about the end of April or early in May. The new corporation, besides Nadeau, has Raymond Chretien and Hubert Nadeau as the personnel. Nadeau reported changes will be made in the dining areas and a cocktail lounge would be erected from part of the large area.  Also the plans call for continuing the dining room in the basement area. This area was utilized in the past for  private group meetings. The deal for the Phil-O-Mar property was closed Thursday, according to Nadeau. The sale was from Philip L. and Marie M. Ouellette of Lewiston to Rolandeau’s Inc. of Lewiston.

25 Years Ago: 1996

The Bicentennial Committee hopes to pay off its approximately $24,000 debt through videotape sales of the musical “Lewiston: A New Home,” chairman Rick LaChapelle told the City Council Tuesday night. LaChapelle said the videotapes will be sold locally in the near future and could raise $36,000 if all 3,600 are sold. The musical was one of the most successful ventures and raised more than $7,900 for the bicentennial, the year-long celebration of Lewiston’s 200th anniversary.

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