100 Years Ago: 1921

The Willing Workers “No, 4 met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Frances Carver, Webster Street, to help her celebrate her birthday. Sewing was enjoyed in the afternoon. The hostess was presented with a hand-painted vase by the club. When the birthday cake was cut, the dime went to Mrs. Julia Stuart, nickel to Mrs. Frances Carver, cent to Mrs. Edith Jones and button to Mrs. Adah Brackett.

50 Years Ago: 1971

The Women’s Auxiliary to the East Auburn Community elected new officers Sunday evening at a meeting at the Community Building. Heading the activities for the coming year will be Mrs. Henry Davenport III, Mrs. Larry Douglas, vice president. Mrs. Arnold Burgess, secretary, and Mrs. Roger Conant, treasurer. Named to the board of directors were Joan Saucier, Sandra Oliver, Gladys Wagg and Marie Howard with out-going president Mrs. Claudia Burgess as an ex-officio member.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Lt. Richard Keene will trade in his black leather footwear for a pair of steel-toed shoes next week, when he moves to the Public Works Department after several years as a police officer. Head of the Police Department’s traffic division, Keene is retiring from the police force to take a job in the highway department doing essentially what he’s doing now. The move, which follows a sweeping Police Department restructuring will streamline traffic-related activity, such as sign maintenance and street painting, he said. “After 31 years, you look around,” and Keene, 56, who began doing traffic work when he came to the department in 1964. “I felt it was time for a change.” Currently, Keene, among other duties, heads up accident investigations, addresses problems with signals and intersections, maintains the city traffic ordinances, coordinates traffic during special city events and handles the installation and maintenance of signs. On March 4, the lieutenant will take over as supervisor of the sign and paint crews, continuing what he did at the Police Department, only without the badge. Being stationed at the highway department, he said, “gives me the control to get the work done on a timely basis.” .

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