Clockwise from top left: Dana Fischer, Sarah Holland, Brian Robinson, and Brandon Mazur. Submitted photo

A new online series aimed at helping fuel-dependent Mainers explore their energy options, lower their energy costs, and find out what they can do to help combat climate change kicks off at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 4, presented by The Camden Public Library and Camden Energy Committee.

The first event in this monthly series will feature a panel presentation from local energy experts who will discuss what can be done within homes. The audience will hear from Brian Robinson, Vice President of Evergreen Home Performance; Dana Fischer, Area Manager for Mitsubishi heat pumps; Brandon Mazur, solar design expert at ReVison Energy; and Sarah Holland, architect (Holland and Foley) focusing on sustainable housing. Email to register and obtain a Zoom link to attend.

“More than two-thirds of Maine households use costly fuel oil to heat their homes — more than any other state,” says Nancy Harmon Jenkins of the Camden Energy Committee. “And some people may not realize that fuel oil for home heating is a major cause of environmental pollution.” Jenkins explains that the creation of this series was prompted by the Maine Climate Council’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050. The report recommends more efficient Maine homes and more residents switching from oil and gas to electricity.

The presentation will focus on energy use in homes and will cover such topics as: LED bulbs, sealing windows, electric vehicle charging, heat pumps, solar installation, and the latest on the solar front—community solar. Speakers will focus on programs available to Camden residents, but everyone is welcome to attend and gain from the universally applicable information. Upcoming talks in this series will explore energy use in businesses and by municipalities. Programs will run through early June.

For more information about this and other upcoming programs from the Camden Public Library, visit

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