The COVID-19 relief bill has been in the news lately; I’ve never seen a bigger misnomer.

The truth is that only 9% of this bill goes to victims of COVID-19. The other 91% goes to fulfill a Democratic wish list.

The Democrats are holding a gun to our heads and telling us that we must accept their $1.9 trillion bill in order to receive COVID-19 relief. Much of this bill will go to bail out badly-mismanaged liberal states. This bill is nothing but liberal extortion. Such tactics belong in a Third World country.

I’d like to thank Democratic Congressman Jared Golden of Maine for voting “nay” on this bill. That $1,400 many of us will receive comes at a huge price. Many of us in Maine qualify to receive $1,400. Many people need this money, but how many dollars of the remaining 91% will come to Maine?

This COVID-19 bill is nothing but a stick-up. Do Democrats have no sense of decency? Last I knew, extortion was still a crime.

Mike Lapointe, Canton

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