“Hello! My name is Ellie-Isabella-Elizabeth IV.”

“ And My name is Ella-Mary-Mae II. This is my story. NOT Ellie-Isabella-Elizabeth IV’s.”


“Oh,You really wanna go there little sis?!?” I fired back.

“Yes. Yes I do. I’m not as stupid  as you think I am!” said Ellie.



“What in the name of Atlantis is going on with  you two?!?” yelled our mom,the queen, who came in after she heard all the commotion.

“Nothing mom!” we said in unison.

“I will take your word for it girls.” replied mom.

After that we exchanged dirty looks, did our secret handshake, and went our separate ways to our rooms.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. I screamed so hard the entire kingdom of Atlantis shook! You are probably wondering why I screamed so loudly. I saw the biggest, fattest,hairiest spider in the entire universe. My dad is King Bob IX. He sent two of my guards to my room, only to see me in a soundproof waterball that  I had conjured up with my septer to protect me from the spider.

“We must rescue the princess!” said one guard.


“Oh yes. The king will be very outraged if we didn’t do our job,” said another.

I popped my bubble. Then I said this, “I don’t need to be rescued dummies! I need this spider out though,”

“Consider it done,’’ said the first guard.

“Thank you,” I said politely. “Now get out!”

“Yes ma’am. Right away ma’am,’’ said the second guard, shuffling his feet nervously.

“No you nitwit! Remember my plan?” whispered the first guard in a voice he thought  that I couldn’t hear. That guard is a horrible whisperer.


“There is no way I can put up with her attitude any longer!’’ yelled the first guard.

“I don’t like this idea,” said the second guard.

“I don’t care!” yelled the first guard in the second guard’s face.

Before I could say a word, I was swept into a cardboard box with no holes in it at all! Next, I got chucked into the castle’s DUNGEON! Can you imagine that?!? A princess in a dungeon!

“ELLIE! MOMMY! DADDY! Come quick! I’m trapped in the dungeon!” Ellie was there first because her room is right above the dungeon. Dad came next. His face raging with fury.

“ELLA! What have I said about playing in the dungeon?”


“This time it wasn’t her,” said a voice.

“Daddy!!!!!! The guards trapped me here!”

“Is this true?” asked my father,in his most serious of voices.

“No,” said the first guard quickly and defensively.

“Yes,” said the second guard.

“Edvard, unlock the princess at once! And when you are done…”

“Surrender my sword,” said the first guard.

“You got that right!” raged dad.

Edvard unlocked the dungeon and I ran out and hugged Ellie and dad. Dad took Edvard’s sword and shoved Edvard into the dungeon. We were once again a happy family. And that is the story of me. Ella-Mary-Mae Clarissa of the kingdom of Atlantis II.

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