Dear Sir/Madam,

In the last issue of the Highlander there appeared a letter from me regarding the solar array proposed at Saddleback to which I feel I must add information that only came to me after publication of my recent letter.

It is this: it seems that Arctaris has established the solar energy activity as an independent entity, separate from Saddleback although to be built upon the Saddleback land Arctaris owns, and–if this is correct, interesting–the power is not to be connected to Saddleback Mountain. It will, it seems, be connected only to the grid, in whatever deal Arctaris negotiated for it.

What this means, in my opinion, is that (a) Saddleback Mountain, that represents it will be the only 100% “renewable” energy ski resort would not be that, taking its power, as it does now, from the grid, and (b) that the solar array, which will be a major eyesore from the entire long Saddleback ridge, could in fact be built anywhere along the Stratton-Rangeley power line, provided it had convenient access to the line.

If this understanding is correct, the only way Arctaris could claim to operate Saddleback on renewable energy would be through that component of the grid’s energy that derives from such sources. And, as all know, there must always be 100% back-up power from traditional energy sources.

I repeat: I am a fan of the restored Saddleback Mountain ski area, and I am glad a group stepped up to the challenge. I am dismayed that part of the plan involves the environmentally destructive solar array, that will despoil this beautiful area, a precious asset. Knowing now the array could be sited anywhere between Stratton and Rangeley, why would it not be?

Yours sincerely,

Claude Roessiger

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