I strongly disagree with both Rep. Jared Golden’s vote against the latest stimulus bill, and Elliot Epstein’s March 28 column defending the vote.

If either of them cannot clearly see the damage the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the economy here in Maine, and to individual households as well, I suggest that they look more closely. Unlike the Trump-sponsored tax cut bill of the same size that only benefited the wealthiest 1%, this stimulus plan helps everyone, including the cities of both Lewiston and Auburn.

I am as loyal a Democrat as can be often found, and though I am a disabled senior citizen I have personally paid for and placed ads in the Sun Journal supporting Democrats, including Golden, as I know that elections have consequences. My wife and I certainly can use the stimulus money, and hopefully look in our mail box daily for the check.

If either Rep. Golden’s or Mr. Epstein’s families do not need their stimulus money, I suggest that they sign their checks and forward them to my Auburn address. I also recommend that Golden look to Sen. Angus King for direction on how to best represent Maine’s 2nd district.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

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