AUBURN — A judge Wednesday rejected a motion filed by a local man seeking dismissal of his murder charge and access to bail.

Abdikadir Nur Lewiston Police Department photo

Androscoggin County Superior Court Justice Valerie Stanfill also denied a motion by Abdikadir Nur, 21, of 303 Aspen Court who was seeking a copy of the transcript of an April Androscoggin County grand jury proceeding at which the foreperson handed up an indictment against Nur for intentional or knowing murder.

Nur is charged with shooting Hassan Hassan, 19, of Lewiston on the night of Oct. 31 in Lewiston. The charge carries a penalty of 25 years to life.

Nur’s attorney wrote in his motion that Nur had “significant concerns that the state has evidence that it has concealed from defendant, but has presented to the grand jury in order to obtain the indictment.”

Stanfill wrote in her ruling after Wednesday’s hearing that Nur had made “no showing of particularized need” of the grand jury transcript.

Assistant Attorney General Megan Elam told Stanfill the only witness to testify at grand jury was the lead detective in the case who authored the affidavit that was shared with Nur.


After hearing arguments Wednesday from both sides on Nur’s motion to dismiss the indictment or allow him bail, Stanfill wrote that “there is no basis for this court to dismiss the indictment.”

A grand jury determined last week there was probable cause to support the charge in reaching its decision to bring the indictment against Nur.

Stanfill said she’d already reviewed Nur’s request for bail and ruled at a November hearing that he should be denied bail until trial.

Nur appealed that decision to a single justice at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, who upheld Stanfill’s denial of bail.

Also on Wednesday, Nur pleaded not guilty to the murder charge in the indictment.

In his amended motion to dismiss the indictment or grant bail, Nur’s attorney, Verne Paradie, wrote that clothing, a gun holster and other items allegedly tossed in a dumpster on the night Hassan was fatally shot were tested for DNA.

Results showed that Nur was not a contributor to the DNA found on those items, Paradie wrote.

On Wednesday, after the hearing, Paradie said “unless there is evidence that I’m unaware of, I question how a grand jury could indict Mr. Nur.”

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