WATERFORD — Waterford resident Henry Howard addressed the Waterford Board of Selectmen Monday, April 12, regarding a property tax issue. He stated that the town has been charging him for two building lots. He was told the selectboard is in charge of taxes (because it is also the Board of Assessors), and he has been working with John Bell in order to prove he only has one building lot.

He stated that he knows it was originally billed as a mistake (in 2006) and said it has now been fixed for future billing, but was concerned with 15 years of over payment. Selectman Randy Lessard said that the state statute only allows the board to go back one year for abatement. He also stated that September 1 is the commitment date and though Howard’s paperwork is dated today, it is past the 185 day time period for abatement; however, the other way to potentially solve the problem is for the Select Board to look into the matter, which, he stated, it is willing to do.

Elizabeth Roth returned to the board with answers to the provisions in a question from the March 22 meeting regarding safety, security and facilities. Roth stated that the most people attending a concert in the music hall thus far was probably about 50.

Selectman Todd Sawyer asked how many could fit inside if that is an option, and Roth answered about 100 seated. It was noted that current Center for Disease Control (CDC) restrictions are 50% occupancy, but as of June 1, that will increase to 75%.

Roth stated that her hope is to be able to hold events in the music hall, and that it would be much more work to use the park, but that she has to have a back-up plan in case the CDC puts stricter limitations in place.

The first event is planned on June 3, and most will be typically 6-8 p.m., except the July 1 children’s event, which will begin and end earlier to accommodate children’s bedtimes.


Sawyer suggested giving conditional approval as long as abutters do not have objections. Roth is hoping for permission to use Werner Park for the first three dates, June 3, 17, and July 1, but only if the events are not feasible in the music hall on those dates.

She will draft a letter, including the list of provisions, dates of all the events, and Bell’s contact information, email to John Bell, and he will share with board members. Lessard asked if Roth could include locations marked on a map where concert goers would be allowed to park so that abutters would have an idea how this might affect them.

Letters will be sent by certified mail to abutters of Werner Park so that the town will receive acknowledgement of receipt. If there are no complaints before or after the first event (if held in the park), then up to two more would be allowed, but one approved at a time.

Roth will request responses from park abutters by May 7, and will update the board of her plan for the events. Lessard then made a motion that pursuant to Roth sending out a letter with map (reviewed by Bell) with responses by May 7, securing liability insurance, and signage for no parking on Sweden Road, the board would conditionally approve. Selectwoman Jamie Toohey seconded this motion and it passed unanimously.

Other business

In other business, there were some questions from residents, posed on their behalf by Frank Damon. One question was if there were currently job postings for the Public Works Director or Rec Director positions?


Sawyer answered that the public works position is currently and temporarily filled, renewing every three months. Toohey responded about the Rec Director position, that it is still open, but Pat Lawler is helping with the baseball program specifically.

There was another question about a foreclosed property that had been listed with a realtor; Lessard answered that the property had been taken off the market in order to resolve a title issue before re-listing the property. He stated that the board opted to resolve the issue so that the property could be sold rather than auctioned and therefore raise more for the town.

Sawyer stated that the 1995 Plow Truck will be listed for sale on the town website, www.waterfordme.org and in the newspaper; sealed bids will be accepted (specifically: ​The Town is accepting sealed bids for a 1995 International Plow Truck.  Truck can be viewed at 516 Waterford Road (Town Garage). Bid packages are available at the Town Office, 366 Valley Road and on the Towns website (www.waterfordme.org).  Bids are due Monday, April 26, 2021 by 5:00 pm and will be opened at the Selectmen’s Meeting that evening.

Betty Becker provided information about a weekly Bingo game to be hosted by Papoose Pond Campground that would benefit a local cancer support foundation, Short Folks for Hope. Becker will ask the foundation to come talk to the board. Bell suggested the Planning Board review the Bingo proposal before the Select Board approves.

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