We all have problems. This only tends to make me more normal than I wish to think. But you see, by sitting here with my fingers flying over the keys, I can express mine and almost get the answers I need. I can sit here and send ya stories about stuff that happened in the 50’s. I can remember standing out in front of the school on that first day. That was quite a while ago too. It wasn’t such a special day until I started swearing at the teacher because she would not let me go home. This was just that wild and free kid coming out. These stories and memories are quite clear all these years. But here comes the problem. I am not sure when or how it started. I used to be able to remember everyone’s license plate and phone number. But to remember I need milk the next time I go to the IGA is quite a chore. I went without butter and sugar for almost a week.  Until, I made up my mind to do nothing else but go get those two items. There was no stopping until I had those in my hands. This is called short term memory. When I was in school in the 60’s I learned a lot about short term memory and it worked well. I could recite the eye chart with my eyes closed as long as I had one quick glance. I actually did that one year. I stood up in front of the class and closed both eyelids and recited each line as the teacher requested. But to remember what that tool I needed out of the truck was now a chore. So my daughter, my helper, and I have come up with different motions, signs to give a hint what we needed. You know things like hammers, chisels or scissors are easy to hint. But there are some that can be difficult.  One could almost throw their back out of place just by showing her what I wanted. You know the thing that does this and that.  Eventually she gets the hint and low and behold the name finally comes to mind.

I was told a long time ago, if one smoked pot, they would lose short term memory. But, I have never smoked pot. I will admit to grape vine and corn silk when I was five or six years old. But that didn’t last long. Probably it was the fear of getting whooped within an inch of my life that cured that. Even though, I never knew where that one inch line was. I did get some pretty good whoopings too.  This short term memory thing, I am finding out is an age thing. At least that is what some other elders I know say. I don’t know if I am an elder or not, but that is what they say. So if you folks see me talking to my helper and I look crazy, I am just talking to her. I am just trying to explain I want that crazy crooked chisel we used to make a special cut. Hands do talk if you know how to listen to them. Eventually the word will pop into my mind and I will remember again what its name is. It’s the same to try and remember someone’s name.  You know that fella that always wore a red flannel shirt and had his pants tied up with a rope.  You know the one that had that old noisy truck. The truck had one blue door and a green fender. He always wore that foolish looking hat.  Always had a pipe in his pocket, but never smoked it that I know. Ya that’s right he had one crooked finger on his left hand. I think he broke it working on his tractor. That old red and white Ford tractor.  Eventually, I would remember his name was Fred, Fred Johnson. ( not his real name).  But you get the picture, I think. Now all I have to do is remember I do need something at the store when I get done with this project. It’s not coffee, because that is one thing I do not forget.  I will remember what I wanted when I go to get more for my coffee. Now if you folks are having the same problem, then fear not. Someone told me that you can eat certain foods now that help with this problem. I can’t remember who told me and I can’t remember what that food was, but I will remember one day.  I just may be too old to even care by that time.  May you all have a most fine day and stay warm.     Ken W  COB

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