LIVERMORE FALLS — Superintendent Scott Albert presented information Thursday night, April 15, on the Regional School Unit 73 proposed 2021-22 budget ahead of the April 27 referendum vote.

Polls will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 27, at the Spruce Mountain Middle School in Jay, Spruce Mountain Primary School in Livermore and the Livermore Falls Town Office.

Pursuant to order of the Governor, the budget meeting was held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the 26 people signed in were school board directors and administrators.

In the first part of the meeting Albert reviewed expenditures as well as state subsidy plus local and other tax revenues associated with the almost $20.75 million budget. Of that, almost $2.95 million is for programs not fully funded by the state.

Proposed amounts to be appropriated for the RSU 73 budget, by municipality, include Jay $7.51 million, Livermore almost $2.75 million, and Livermore Falls $6.41 million.

Proposed amounts to be raised, by municipality: Jay, $4.33 million; Livermore, $1.52 million; and Livermore Falls, $1.36 million.

The total amount appropriated would be $16.67 million. The total raised would be almost $7.22 million.

The proposed budget is almost $200,000 more than the current spending plan. It is $400,000 less than the initial proposal.

The four articles to be considered at the budget referendum ballot vote on April 27 were then reviewed by Albert.

• Article 1 asks to appropriate almost $20.75 million and raise $10.16 million for the 2020-21 budget.

• Article 2 authorizes the school board to transfer amounts exceeding 5% of the total appropriation for any cost center to or among other cost center(s), provided the budget isn’t increased.

• Article 3 seeks to appropriate $862,229.33 and raise $240,000 ($80,000 for each town) for the food service program.

• Article 4 asks to appropriate $373,267.48 and raise $198,000 ($66,000 for each town) for adult education

“If each of these articles passes, total taxes will decrease $61,348.8 in Jay,” Albert said. “They will increase $14,851.19 in Livermore and $27,947.62 in Livermore Falls.”

With a home valued at $100,000 taxpayers in Jay would see no increase, Livermore an increase of $7 and Livermore Falls an increase of $16.20 based on the school budget he said. Jay taxpayers with homes valued at $200,000 would see no change while those in Livermore would have an increase of $14 and Livermore Falls $32.40.

More information on the school budget and the articles to be voted on can be found on the district’s website under FY22′ school budget hearing guide.

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