Congratulations to Kyle Weymouth of North Waterboro for stumbling on the find of a lifetime with a beautiful pair of moose antlers on a beautiful sunny Sunday, April 18th. Score another one for beginner’s luck as this was his very first hunt. “It was my first time you know really going out and looking for them and I happened to stumble on both of them,” said Weymouth.

Weymouth, who came up to visit his buddy Matt Johnson who has a camp on Mooselook, couldn’t believe how lucky he was, especially since the antlers were only about 100 yards apart.

He wound up finding the pair after only about an hour of searching. “We were trying to get into a certain area and just had to make our way there, and then I happened to stumble onto those.”

No, I didn’t ask him where this “certain area” was. It’s up there with favorite fishing holes and treasured fiddlehead fields. I try and be respectful. (However, if anyone would like to share any of these hot spots with me, please do!)

Weighing them when he got home, they were about 17 pounds each after they had time to dry out a bit. “If I had to guess they were definitely over twenty when I was lugging both of them out,” he laughed. Displaying them in his living room to admire now and after sharing his story with many people, he knows how truly fortunate he is. “It’s definitely special. I know that for sure. It was a fun time. I’m glad I did stumble across them.”

When I asked him if he will be coming back to Rangeley to try his luck again, he said he would. “Most definitely! Whether I get that lucky or not I don’t know.”

Congratulations again to Kyle and good luck to your buddy Matt. Hopefully some of your luck will rub off on him next time!

Kyle Weymouth of North Waterboro admiring his lucky find. Matt Johnson

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