WILTON — Residents will elect a Regional School Unit 9 director and a selectperson on Tuesday, June 8, at the town office on 158 Weld Road. Evret Greer and current Selectperson Phil Hilton are running for a three-year term on the town’s Select Board.

Greer grew up in Livermore Falls and said that his family was always drawn to Wilton for its various community outlets.

“Whether it be swimming at Kineowatha Park, bowling at Meadow Lanes, ice cream at Dutch Treat, or enjoying seasonal change with the Blueberry Festival, there was always something going on that drew my family to this area,” Greer wrote in an email.

Evret Greer is running for a three-year term on Wilton’s Select Board. If elected, Greer said that he would prioritize community needs with a reasonable budget. Photo Courtesy of Evret Greer

He now wants to serve Wilton after a long-time interest of participating in politics.

“The military helped me get out of Maine, but life brought me back. Before coming back, there was a feeling of a calling towards politics,” Greer said. “I have been on the Wilton Finance Committee for three years and would like the opportunity to serve the community in a higher capacity.”

Greer said that he will be applying past life and work experiences to assist him in serving on the town’s Select Board.


“Like many people, life has given us moments of triumphs and defeats, happiness and depression, love and hate. Through all of these a person has the ability to become something great, or something tragic. Fortunately, the experiences that I have had have given me strength and courage to fight back against the forces of the odds,” Greer wrote.

“Growing up I was in Civil Air Patrol learning respect, discipline, leadership, and followership. As I became an adult, I learned the hard truths about consequences to your actions. I have had so many personal experiences that allow the opportunity to be humble, patient, understanding, and confident. I live my life with the ideology that the truth can hurt, but it can also set you free,” he said.

Hilton has been on Wilton’s Select Board for the past three years during which he has also served on the Roads, Public Safety and Broadband Committees, and assisted with the selection of the town’s new town attorney.

“I’m happy to serve another term because there is still work to be done which I am well suited for. As we navigate the conclusion of the pandemic and an end to the restrictions that came with it, I believe it is important to have leadership in place that is familiar with the details of how and why they came to be,” Hilton wrote in an email.

Hilton said that if reelected, he wants to continue his work with the broadband committee.

Incumbent Phil Hilton is running for another term on Wilton’s Select Board. If reelected, Hilton said that he would like to continue his work on the broadband committee. Town of Wilton

“Looking ahead, I expect to continue to serve on both the Public Safety and Broadband Committees, as well as others as needs arise,” he wrote. “The Broadband Committee is one where my experience as both an IT Consultant and software developer is of particular value to help ensure that Wilton’s best interests are well represented in those projects moving forward. Parts of town are still very much in the dark when it comes to high speed internet, and if Wilton is to remain an attractive location to both families and businesses then that needs to be addressed soon.”

Greer said that he has no specific agenda to bring to the Select Board other than ensuring that Wilton prospers through changes.

“At this level, there is no agenda to push. However, if elected, protecting our rights at a local level is imperative to a free society,” Greer wrote. “As time goes on in the position, I am positive that projects will come, advancements will need met, and times will change. Ensuring that Wilton prospers through those changes will be my goal as a Selectboard Member.”

For Greer, the needs of the community and protecting rights at a local level will be prioritized during the decision- making process if he were to serve on the board.
“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are under attack. As I mentioned before protecting our rights is important. The other piece to keep in mind, is the prosperity of your community,” Greer wrote. “Taxes are something that can make or break that community. The needs of the community are important, but the way to meet them does not come without cost. Maintaining that balance, if not eliminating unnecessary tax all together, will be essential.”
Hilton said that he also prioritizes this balance between community needs and tax rates when making decisions as a selectperson.
“Some of the more important considerations that I take in to account when making decisions as part of the select board are the safety of our citizens, reducing the burden on taxpayers whenever there is an opportunity to do so, making sure our projects are paid for, seeing that our town employees are compensated fairly, ensuring that the natural beauty of the Town of Wilton is protected for generations to come, and making sure that Wilton remains a place where families yearn to be, and business owners can be thrive,” Hilton wrote.

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