DEAR SUN SPOTS: In the April 29 Sun Spots, someone was asking about a 1970 Rumford High School yearbook. Well, I recently discovered a site when I was looking for an old yearbook. If you Google “high school Maine past yearbooks” it brings you to a site where all the states are listed so click on your state. From there it brings you to the alphabet so you click on the letter of the town where your high school is located.

I’ll call the reader, Pam, who was looking for her school yearbook, but I thought you might like to print this for other readers who are looking for their old high school yearbooks, too. Keep up the great work, Sun Spots! — Kymberlee, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the request for yearbooks, may be a helpful place to look. — Les & Betty, no town

ANSWER: I can always depend on helpful readers to give assistance with answers and I really appreciate it. I followed the good, clear directions that Kymberlee gave and got right to the website with no issues. There is a free registration to log in with your email address and then you’ll be all set.

Besides, there are other websites as well. If you plan to reproduce a yearbook, I believe you have to get permission from the high school.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a free queen-size sofa bed to give away. It would be very good for a camp. It is very heavy. Please contact me at 784-9435. — Sandra, Auburn

ANSWER: What a great deal for someone with muscles and a truck. I bet that sofa bed will be in someone’s lake house sooner rather than later!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Wow! I was just cleaning out a desk and found the following letter I typed to you on Monday, July 19, 1999. I never got a reply and wondered if it would be worth it to try one more time after 22 years! Here’s the letter; maybe it will jog someone’s memory:

I’m trying to locate someone who may be related to the Rev. Paul Medeiros. We have found a small vase in the shape of a Bible with an inscription on the front that reads, “Rev. Paul Medeiros, ordained Jan. 12, first mass Jan. 26, 1964.” The inscription on the back reads “Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Medeiros.”

We found this in a building that we were getting ready for demolition in July 1999. I can be reached at 782-6042. I’m hoping someone can direct me to a relative. — No name, no town

ANSWER: With today’s technology, a link to this memento might be easier to find. Your persistence might just pay off!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: About keeping cats off furniture and from scratching it (April 29 Sun Spots), I’ve had fair luck with duct tape with the sticky side out, put up in long strips fastened with thumb tacks or pins. I’ve also used orange peels scattered around. Even when the peels are dry the cats walk around them. The citrus spray did nothing. — No name, no town

ANSWER: There’s also wide, extra-sticky clear tape you can purchase as well. I’ve used it on the edges and backs of couches and chairs with some success.

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