REGION — After prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment many men choose to put the experience behind them and go on with their lives, but some are willing to share their personal experiences with others and help guide them through what can often be a difficult emotional journey.

The statewide nonprofit, Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer ( offers men and women the opportunity to reach out to others by joining its “One2One Confidential “outreach call-in program.  At present thirteen men and women have been trained and stand ready to respond via phone.

Periodically, the facilitator, Nelson Leavitt, hosts training sessions for volunteers who have been on their prostate cancer journey and would be willing to work with those calling in.  (The training and the “One2One Confidential” conversations are free of charge..)

It is anticipated that the training will take place in the Augusta area during May of this year and will be a hybrid experience so it will also be possible for those who cannot attend in person to Zoom in.  To apply or to have your questions answered about this program, please do call Nelson at 1 855 552 7200 ext 801 or send an email to

If you would like to drop in on one of the Prostate Cancer Support Groups, check the Coalition website for locations and call the facilitator of the group for more information. Or if you would like to speak yourself confidentially with someone experienced about your concerns call the “One2One Confidential” number and leave a message for Nelson. When a call is received, Nelson matches the caller with one of the men or women whose experience most closely resembles the caller’s needs.

For example, he will try to pair men who are in their 60’s with one another, or men who are considering surgery, radiation or active surveillance. LGBTQ men can be connected with men of equal standing. A woman who has questions about how to best support her male partner can be connected with a woman who has lived through the experience. To reach a team member and arrange a private discussion, call 1 855 552 7200 ext 801.

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