Sing a Song of Seasons A Nature Poem For Each Day of the Year

Poems selected by Fiona Waters

Illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

Tune into the changing seasons with this beautifully illustrated book of 366 poems written by 186 different authors. Poems need to be savored, read aloud more than once, only a few at a time. I suggest that you wake up with a poem or read one before bed.

Create a poetry habit. You are sure to recognize some, like Star Wish which is not authored by anyone nameable. Others will make you feel warm and smiley, like The Furry Ones by Aileen Fisher.

Some you won’t be able to forget, like Small, Smaller by Russell Hoban which features a shrew trapped in a footprint. Poems are like that, they make big impressions that change your way of seeing things.

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