To The Editor:

Firstly, I commend ALL who run for public service positions, and ALL who serve our community, in both paid and volunteer roles! I feel such roles are often thankless jobs and I appreciate everyone’s good intentions and various view points in choosing to be part of Bethel’s town government. Personally, I’ve only served on one town committee, and although perhaps I should be ashamed to admit it, that one time was enough for me!

That being said, I am sharing my hope that Bethel voters will seriously consider voting for Pat McCartney for Select Board at the June 8  elections.

Having valuable experience, Pat is presently in her fourth term on the Planning Board, has been both member and Chairperson of the Ordinance Review Committee, and served for over a year on Bethel’s Marijuana Committee (tasked with creating several ordinances for voters to choose whether or not to allow marijuana businesses in Bethel).

Working with Pat on the Marijuana committee, I witnessed her willingness to learn, her objectivity, and her ability to “get things done”. Unlike other members of the committee who had “applied”, Pat was instead appointed as a representative from the Planning Board nearly 6 months after the committee originated. She had great knowledge regarding “ordinances”, yet little knowledge of marijuana, but she educated herself and gained so much respect within the committee that she was eventually elected to fill our vacated Chairperson position! Her excellent leadership was crucial in our completing our task and I believe it also gave her an appreciative perspective that could prove helpful to the Select Board when working with future committees.

I did not write this letter simply because Pat is a dear friend. Also, being friends does not mean we always agree! However, I believe that “disagreeing” and respectfully sharing viewpoints in life can provide priceless opportunities to expand one’s knowledge. With her willingness to listen and share honest, thoughtful responses in that process, I wrote today because I truly believe those types of qualities, along with her experience, make Pat an excellent choice for Bethel’s Select Board.

Jewel Clark

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