WATERFORD — At the May 26 Waterford Board of Selectmen meeting bids were opened for the following projects:

Mill Hill Culvert Replacement: 

•  Steve Swasey, Inc. submitted a complete bid at $31,785 and was the apparent low bidder.
•  Pratt & Sons submitted a complete bid at $47,175
•  Morin Excavation submitted bid at $57,420
•  Khiel Excavation submitted bid at $39,855

Selectman Todd Sawyer suggested accepting the low bid; this was unanimously approved.

Excavator with Operator:

•  Wilson Excavation, complete bid and contract
•  Khiel Excavation, complete bid and contract
•  Warren Excavation, complete bid and contract


Sawyer explained that the town will likely contract with all of these bidders and then schedule with each based on equipment need for timing of jobs.

Selectwoman Jamie Toohey nominated Bruce Rood for the Appeals Board.

Selectman Randy Lessard stated that the town will provide training for the Appeals Board. Rood will make a third member, but another is leaving the board. Rood was unanimously approved.

John Huffman had resigned effective May 13 and that was accepted; however, Lessard made a motion to reappoint Huffman in order to deal with some issues before his official resignation.

Newell Andrews has stepped forward to be the town cemetery sexton. Toohey made a motion to appoint Andrews with a $2,000 stipend. This was unanimously approved.

Continued masking was discussed; all members agreed that at meetings and in the town office, staff will continue to request that masks be worn while in the town office for now in the hopes that COVID-19 cases will not go up again. This will be revisited at subsequent meetings.

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