To the Editor:

Please consider joining me in voting yes on article 9, the Climate Solution that Pays Families!

Wilton residents have an opportunity to make their voices heard in the fight against climate change. It is our turn to join many other Maine towns which have done so, at our Town Meeting at Kineowatha Park, on June 14 at 6:00.

A yes vote on Article 9 will result in letters being sent by our Town Officials to our State and Federal Representatives in support of Carbon Cash-Back legislation. This vote does not enact a bill. Instead, it sends a strong message of our support as a community for action on climate change. It does not lessen the value of other parts of the global warming solution, however this is the only one that provides choice and cash-back to all households equally.

A no vote means we pass up an opportunity to let our voices be heard through formal governmental channels on this issue.

Carbon Cash-Back pricing is a practical, nonpartisan way to fight global warming while protecting American households from increasing costs. It works by charging fossil fuel producers a fee, based on their greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture. The money collected is then returned to all American households equally on a monthly basis. Most households will break even, or receive more cash than they will pay out in higher product costs. Goods exported from the USA would get a refund, and imported goods would pay a border carbon adjustment, protecting US jobs and industry. Forty-six countries have put a price on carbon emissions from fossil fuels already.

This revenue neutral style of curbing emissions is the only one that protects families from higher petroleum-based prices as we transition to cleaner energy. We live in a northern state, with older inefficient housing and lower-than-average incomes. People who want to “go green” may not be able to afford big steps right away. Learn more, including how the plan would affect your family’s unique budget at:

Nancy Walters


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