100 Years Ago: 1921

Remnants of the Memorial Day decorations that once adorned the Honor Roll before the former city building in Auburn were removed yesterday.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Richard E. Babb, who for several years has been the director of elementary education in Auburn public schools, was elevated Wednesday night by the Auburn School Committee to the position of assistant superintendent. James  Randall, who has been the administrative assistant to Supt. Patrick L. Donahue. also was promoted to become the assistant superintendent in administration. Supt. Donahue said that for Babb it will be an expanded position and he will retain all of his present functions as director of elementary education. He has been in position for several years and before that was a teacher and Randall, a former Instructor at Edward Little High School, will be starting. his third year in the administrative field. The school committee also extended the contract of Supt. Donahue for three years.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Five new little bundles of joy, arrived recently at the YWCA as an anonymous donation to the intervention department. On Feb. 26, a letter arrived at the YWCA regarding five “Baby Think it Over” infant simulators announcing that they were ordered for the pregnancy prevention program, was from an anonymous donor who read an article about the simulators in the Lewiston Sun-Journal. The donor believed these babies would be a great tool in working with teens to prevent pregnancies. These dolls cost approximately $250 each. The gift consisted of two Caucasian females, two Caucasian males and one African American female. These babies cry and need to be “tended to.” This involves inserting a probe into the electronics box for a period of time (5 to 10 minutes) that must be held in place by the teen until the tending period is over. This electronic box in the baby’s back will also digitally display how the baby was handled, neglect, when it cried, and the total times the baby cried. The electronics box also indicates if it’s been tampered with or removed for more than five minutes,

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