Amari and the Night Brothers

By B.B. Alston

Amari Peters is attending school on a scholarship and struggling to deal with the kids who feel she doesn’t belong there. Worse than that, her brother Quentin has gone missing. When a mysterious person shows up with an invitation from her brother to join The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she is whisked away to a magical world that she had no idea existed, let alone one in which her brother is a star agent protecting others from supernatural threats. She chooses to train as a Junior Agent, following in her brother’s footsteps, in order to find our what happened to Quentin.

Though Amari has entered a world of incredible sights and sounds, including elevators with snobbish attitudes and Bigfoot suspect line-ups, she deals with the same issues as before. The kids in the world of the supernatural put her down because she comes form “the ghetto”. On top of that, she has been identified as a born magician so powerful that she may be a threat to the entire Bureau.

Readers will root for Amari as she perseveres through every obstacle. Children and adults in both worlds doubt her, but Amari digs deep, taps into her considerable powers, and proves to everyone that she not only belongs, she excels. Along the way we are introduced to charming magical world and cast of characters, including a new best friend who is descended from dragons. Definitely a great choice for fans of Harry Potter that need to escape to new magical worlds.

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