CHESTERVILLE — A special town meeting has been called for 7 p.m. Monday, June 21, at the town office, 409 Dutch Gap Road.

Voters will consider two articles to approve funds from the undesignated fund balance be used for capital road projects and the fire station roof replacement.

For capital roads an additional $30,000 is being requested. $250,000 was approved at the town meeting in March.

Two sections of Zions Hill Road, one on the town garage end and the other at the ‘ski jump’ near Bob Cox’s home will have a top coat applied this year, Selectperson Chair Tiffany Estabrook said in a phone interview Tuesday evening, June 15. Three other roads, Egypt Pond, Sanborn Hill and Sandy River will be completed with a top coat and a warranty of five to ten years, she noted.

“The goal is to move the town roads forward, rather than doing all these band aids,” Estabrook said.

Sections of Sand Pond and George Thomas roads will be ground and reclaimed. Norcross Hill Road was graded, paved and top coat applied.


“It’s completely finished,” Estabrook said. “It cost a bit more. There was a washout in February and the board decided to finish it. It’s being ditched and graded, some trees removed now, more work being done.”

If the $30,000 for roads isn’t approved, George Thomas Road will not be completed this year, she noted.

An additional $5,500 is being sought to replace the roof on the fire station.

In March $23,450 was approved for the project. It was first proposed at the 2020 town meeting but funds weren’t raised after voters were told the replacement could wait a year.

This year, voters were told the bid from last year would be honored.

“We couldn’t foresee that in April and May prices for materials would increase,” Estabrook said.

The new quote for the color finish option which was preferred at the town meeting is $28,780.

“We rounded it up to provide a buffer if needed,” Estabrook said.

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