DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m interested in hearing from everyone in Sun Spots Land about how they are treating their brown tail moth caterpillar rashes effectively. We need help. — Jean, Turner

ANSWER: I have heard that the good people of Turner are really suffering this summer and I am so sorry you’re going through this. Other than the prescription spray (which works very well), I suggest that as soon as your rash pops up, stick a piece of adhesive tape over it then pull it right off to remove the hairs then take a cool shower.

The DIY recipe for a cooling lotion to stop the itch: Combine 1/4 cup Witch Hazel with a half tube each of Hydrocortisone cream and Diphenhydramine cream and a quarter tube of Aspercream/Lidocaine cream. Mix well and apply as a lotion or spray as needed.

Other soothing options to try are cucumber water and witch hazel mist; Purell hand sanitizer; ibuprofen and ice packs; and Vick’s Vapor Rub and witch hazel mist.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for someone who details cars, including inside cleaning. — Roland, no town

ANSWER: It’s so nice to have a bright shiny car with a freshly brushed and vacuumed interior. I swear it’s good for the soul.


In the Rolodex, I have F6 Detailing in Lewiston (240-8720). You can also book an appointment through its Facebook page and review the schedule and pricing. Recommendations from readers also include I. M. Detailed Auto Detailing Service at 101 Lisbon St., Unit 3 in Lisbon (344-5550), and Clavet Import Auto Service at 1103 Main St. in Lewiston (782-2425). Both businesses also have a Facebook page with more information and a private messaging option.

Readers, if you have someone to recommend, I’ll add them to the Rolodex.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I called PestShield (513-6089) in West Paris, a pest control company that another reader recommended in the June 10 Sun Spots after an inquiry was put in Sun Spots on June 4. (A reference from Sun Spots is gold to me!) The owner was very pleasant and the service is very affordable. I was pleasantly surprised.

They said you’re on the right track with thinking the bugs I have are either clover mites or springtails.

I’ve signed up for their quarterly program which is approximately $100. They will spray my outside foundation, basement, and windowsills, etc.

This treatment will take care of spiders and fake ladybugs, too. I told her there’s no room in this house for bugs!


Again, I’m so thankful to you. You’re better than Google and are a walking encyclopedia of facts. I also appreciate all the people in Sun Spots Land. Thanks for an awesome job. – Louise, no town

ANSWER: Remember, all you readers and I are a team and I’m so glad we could help.

I have a pest control company that comes to my house to perform quarterly services as well. Sometimes homeowners struggle with all kinds of issues because they think bringing in professionals will be too expensive, but really, the pros know what they’re doing and allowing them to do what they do best gives you the time and peace of mind to do what you do best. It’s a win-win. Besides, who wants a bunch of bugs crawling around where they’re not wanted?

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