I’d like to talk about TV commercials.

We all know that commercials are a necessary evil that most of us detest. That said, the mute button is my salvation. What I just can’t fathom is advertisers’/networks’ obsession with the bombardment method they impose on us constantly. An ad, with another ad, and then a repeat of the one just shown before.

Is the bombardment breaks of seven to eight per hour necessary? Especially on a drama program, it stuns our concentration and flow of the narrative. When the program returns, where were we?

The time devoted to commercials is horrendous. Sometimes one sits there wondering if the program is even going to return. Sometimes they so slickly slip into a commercial, people don’t realize that they’re in one.

I simply cannot understand the motivation to show the same blocks of ads throughout a program, or even an evening of viewing. One gets the message that we are just too plain stupid to realize their insane need to brainwash us.

What school of thought has educated them to their onslaught that in the end results in totally desensitizing us to their messages? More isn’t better; more is simply more annoying.

How many car and drug ads do I need to be attacked with? And I submit that for the most part, except for the program funding aspect, I am not positively motivated in any way by a commercial, period.

I wish something could be done to calm the insanity.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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