This summer, Fourth of July fireworks will dance across the night sky in several Maine towns, reminding us that life is, slowly but surely, moving one step closer to “normal.”

Last year, most towns, including Lewiston, Auburn, Rumford and Carrabassett Valley, canceled their Fourth of July festivities.

Deb Bowker, director of recreation for the town of Carrabassett Valley, said the town will be having fireworks this year and that they are “still proceeding with caution when dealing with crowds.”

“This past year was very different because we had to put a lot of COVID restrictions in place to keep the public safe,” Bowker said. “We do have to enforce the COVID-19 guidelines as previously.”

Fourth of July fireworks in Carrabassett Valley have a long tradition, she said.


Past years have included group activities such as parades, bands, karaoke and surprises in the sawdust pile. While it won’t be quite the same this year, “We’re really just looking forward to taking it outside and having the public celebrate the out of doors.” Bowker said.

Shiloh LaFreniere, Jay town manager, said the funds that were raised last year for the town fireworks display, which went unused because of COVID-19, will be split over this year and the next year, making for bigger shows.

“We’ve been saying that we’re doing a show-and-a-half for this year and next year,” LaFreniere said.

Cathy McDonald, president of the Liberty Festival in Lewiston-Auburn, said she is looking forward to the fireworks in Lewiston and Auburn, and that others probably are as well, since everyone has been isolated in some way or another this past year.

“It will be a bigger (fireworks) show than usual,” McDonald said, though there will be no entertainment or music offerings this year. “I think I’m just looking forward to being able to celebrate independence as a community and I’m looking forward to a great show.”

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