I live in Durham, a peaceful town, with the space to do what most here love: fishing, hunting and hiking, amongst many other adventurous, outdoor activities.

The majority of Mainers unabashedly don’t want the CMP corridor. Yet two foreign companies have been working vigorously to silence us by financially and psychologically manipulating our elected officials.

“Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” It’s why tourists come each year — leaving their industrialized hometowns for our serene mountains, rivers, forests and wildlife — to get a taste of “The Way Life Should Be.”

We live and breathe that statement when we stand up to protect our state. These foreign companies will never appreciate the value of beauty and peace — especially not when their greedy pockets are here zealously destroying what makes Maine beautiful.

Our legislators live here, experiencing the wonders Maine has to offer. But more importantly, they work for Mainers, and with that being said, they do not work for Avangrid or Hydro-Quebec. They are Mainers, and just as much a part of “The Way Life Should Be” as the rest of us.

Legislators should stand alongside those they represent. Foreign government-owned entities have no business trying to influence our democratic proceedings.

We are the people. Mainers. Americans. Not Hydro-Quebec. I urge our legislators to override Janet Mills’ veto of LD 194.

Chelsea Washburn, Durham

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