The University of Southern Maine has named the following local students to its 2021 spring semester dean’s list.

Androscoggin County:

Alex Strout, Kim Pepin, Faith Robinson, Danica Peaslee, Phoebe Gouette, Addie Landre, Mackenzie Heathco, Jennifer Nash, Morgan Jeffords, Meghan Rittall, Maria Dugarte, Kathy Williamson, Maggie Whelan, Fatuma Whelan, Justin Trottier, Ethan Brown, Olivia Jalbert, Shiva Bhusal, Zaccary Gauthier, Johana Jimenez, Emelia Jimenez, Faegan Pan, Grace Ouellette, Casay Mohamed and Aaron Frost, all of Auburn.

Also, Amanda Myron, Deven Hannan and Anna Labbe, all of Durnham; and Tyler Morin, Maddie Springer, Karen Cross and Danielle Teacutter, all of Greene.

Also, Amber Veilleux, Ilham Mohamed, Taylor Chamberlain, Ian Hussey, Grace Deng, Rahmo Sheikh, Ashton Dozois, Emily Schulze, Isha Kasai, Amina Abdi, Chantel St. Laurent, Hodan Musse, Tim Aliviado, Sarah Perry, Tye Lynch, Lucas Duncan, Bilal Hussein, Dennis Fitts, Mariah Vaillancourt, Asma Omar, Asma Wagg, Derek Larrabee, Hana Elabe, Michael Schlotterbeck, Khafiya Dualeh, Morgan Eliasen, Sarah Charest, Khadijiah Kagoni, Tawane Sheikh, Jake Young, Wilsan Mohamed, Kadra Elmi, Ryan Pomerleau, Peyton Latham, Natalie Good, David Schlotterbeck, Ashlee Croyle and Cece Racine, all of Lewiston.

Also, Shana Bennett of Lisbon; Bridget Rowley, Peyton Gosselin, Elise Chase and Melissa Cyr, all of Lisbon Falls; Jocelyn Beaulieu and Evelyn Castonguay, both of Livermore; and Amy Fox, Tracey Stoner and Samantha Halmos, all of Mechanic Falls.


Also, Madeline New, Pearl Gilbert, Josh Landry, Mariah Lobley, Sigrid Sibley, Melissa Deatrich and Corey Peaco, all of Poland; Shelby Wood, Isabelle Michaud, Kyra Gamache, Lexi Fuller and Shawn Adams, all of Sabattus; and Kaitlyn Gilbert, Sage Landry, Heaven Russell and Tessa Wadsworth, all of Turner.

Franklin County

Eleanor DeCarolis and Denver Crockett, both of Farmington; Lauren Cornelio and Hallie Pike, both of Jay; Amber Morrill and Olivia Hall, both of Rangeley; and Samantha Donley and Taylor Ehrig, both of Wilton.

Kennebec County

Aaron Emerson and Maddie Thompson, both of Augusta; Chantelle Nixon and Colin Kinney, both of Belgrade; Cassandra Poli of Benton; Marlaina Stickney and Leann Wright, both of Chelsea; and Cami Gibson of Clinton.

Also, Melanie Marston, Catherine Scheirer, Avery Page and Sierra Godbout, all of Farmingdale; Mary Toman of Gardiner; Kayla Flaherty and Sabrina Freeman, both of Hallowell; and Brittaney Marquis of Litchfield.


Also, Micah Charette of Manchester; Katelyn Brown and Sara DeMello, both of Monmouth; Hannah Anderson of North Monmouth; Killian Hadsell and Leslie Stevens, both of Pittston; Hannah Pullen of Randolph; Emma Walsh of Readfield; and Ameerah Alkurabi and Ana Hewett, both of Sidney.

Also, Hunter Rushing, Alyssha Gil, Myles Nored and Jake Peavey, all of South China; Ben Reed, Jen Butler, Clark Ally Bonsant and Shayla Lucier, all of Vassalboro; and Josselyn Green, Daphne Labbe, Ty Lecrone and Bree Megivern, all of Waterville.

Also, Jared Bornstein of Wayne; Jake Beam, Claire Crocker and Evelyn Hinkley, all of West Gardiner; Catherine Silva of Windsor; Brandon Dineen and Bethany Desrosiers, both of Winslow; and Fantasia Perez, Lisa Grenier, Natalie Rogers, Sarah Wellington and Lakin Conner, all of Winthrop.

Knox County

Abby Nelson of Union.

Lincoln County


Katie Colomb of Alna; Shaw Pinkham-McKnight of Damariscotta; Olivia Richmond of Jefferson; Molly Frost of Newcastle; Rebekah Marks of Waldoboro; Luke Jordan and Roxann Sparrow, both of Whitefield; and Danielle Krenzel, Evan Goodkowsky and Ella Jones, all of Wiscasset.

Oxford County

Chris Chappie and Lauren Merrill, both of Bethel; Abbie Vaughan, Sydney Franks and Finn Lane, all of Brownfield; Aneah Bartlett, Brooke Carson and Wyatt Williamson, all of Bryant Pond; and Alyssa Therriault and Julia Dow, both of Buckfield.

Also, Choyce and Jack Watson, both of Denmark; Jeremy Briggs and Emilie Noyes, both of Dixfield; Tyler Worcester, Elise Richardson, Leah Roy and Erin Richardson, of Fryeburg; and Aaron Vermette of Greenwood.

Also, Hayden Spencer of Hartford; Judsen Bell and Megan Godbout, both of Hebron; Alexa Lively of Lovell; Wendy Ducas and Fawn Palmer, both of Mexico; Brooke Richardson of Milton Township; Anna Huff of Norway; and Madi Day of Otisfield.

Also, Hannah Kenney, Dana Casey, Emily Starr and Abby Spinhirn, all of Oxford; Brynn Hink of Porter; Jillian Provencher, Abby Mazza and Kassie Thibodeau, all of Rumford; Janek Luksza, Jeremy Santos, Joe Marshall and Brittany Shaw, all of South Paris; and Kristina Wilson and Shelby Guilford, both of West Paris.


Sagadahoc County

Taylor Wienckowski, Nate Leslie, Thalia Couture and Mackenzie Almy, all of Bowdoin; Abby Holt and Rebecca Buck, both of Bowdoinham; and Molly Meagher, Hunter Palli, Christy Carrier and Laura Kalian, all of Richmond.

Also, Chris Wargo, Aaron Sprague, Alyssa Folger, Rileigh Bayard, James Hutchinson, Ann Sarvinas, Samantha Farmer, Cami Doody, Cassandra Kane, Alishia Braley, Jack Bontatibus, all of Topsham; and Christopher Pettersen and Helena Eich, both of Woolwich.

Somerset County

Teri Honeycutt of Detroit; Iva Genest and Haley Hersey, both of Fairfield; Shania Bates and Madison Chadbourne, both of Harmony; Cavan Weggler of Madison; Josie Libby and Sydney Morton, both of Pittsfield; Autumn Chipman of Saint Albans; and Bri Austin and Marcus Christopher, both of Skowhegan.

Waldo County


Cora Gavett of Palermo and Connor Mayhew of Unity.

To be placed on the dean’s list, full-time undergraduate students — those who completed 12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter-graded (A-F) credits, with the exception of required, program-specific Pass/Fail credits — must receive a grade point average of 3.6 or above.

Full-time students are eligible for the dean’s list each semester; students who attend the university part-time, who meet the dean’s list criteria at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters, are included in the academic year dean’s list.

The full list is available online at

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