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BETHEL — The Planning Board took up three projects for review at its meeting last week.

One of the projects was, “one in a million,” as Planning Board Assistant Sarah Tucker put it. The “one in a million” project caused much discussion as board members tried to determine the applicability of the municipal site plan ordinance on the proposed site plan of a commercial kitchen for a building renovation at 11 Philbrook St.

The application, listed on the Planning Board agenda as filed by the “Bethel code enforcement officer,” came before the board for site plan clearance, but all of the renovation work is being done inside. The board did not consider the site plan complete, as the applicant has future plans to do additional site work that may require a permit, something that would have to come back before the board.

Some of the items at issue were the potential for a need to move the bathroom, meaning pipes may need to be moved, replacing windows and potentially adding outdoor seating.

Board member Merlyn Kelly made a motion that the site plan ordinance did not apply to the application before the board. That motion did not pass.


The applicant was asked to come back to the board with a full site plan.

In other business, Casey Mason is building on a plot that resident Bill Altman told the board is “destroying” his privacy. Altman says the property is moving 40 yards toward him, when it can easily move in the other direction.

Mason explained that she’s not moving east because she wants less relief for the house, and the typography of the land near Altman is more appropriate for construction.

Board member Laurie Winsor motioned for construction to take place according to the typography needs. The motion was passed.

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