LIVERMORE — Selectpersons Tuesday night, July 20, awarded a paving bid to Pike Industries, Inc. of Fairfield.

The town received four mailed bids and one by email, Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller said.

Pike’s bid of $331,341.25 was the lowest. P & B Paving of Gray submitted the highest bid at $445,589.85. The bid from St. Laurent & Son, Inc. of Lewiston was $352,800. $334,485.22 was the bid from All States Construction, Inc. of Richmond. The bid from Spencer Group Paving of Turner was $337,677.19.

The paving includes shim and overlay of a section of the Norlands and Goding roads plus overlay only on a section of Waters Hill Road. The first road is 22 feet wide while the others are 20 feet wide.

“That’s pretty competitive right there,” Selectperson Brett Deyling said after the vote.

In other business the board approved changes to credit card spending limits for the fire chief and administrative assistant as part of a new credit card policy for the town.

The limit for the fire chief’s card was raised from $500 to $2,500.

“Most things are bought on account,” Selectperson Scott Richmond, who also serves on the fire department, said. A major incident, such as a hazmat situation could require more than what the chief is allowed, he noted.

The limit for the administrative assistant was raised from $1,500 to $2,500.

“For the first time I noticed how incredibly close that was when I went to post, do certified (letters for tax liens) mail Friday,” Miller said. “It was just under that $1,500. I used the town credit card.”

He said 145 certified letters were mailed.

Selectpersons appointed Justin Karkos, Debora Levensailor and Kathy Perkins to the economic development committee. Karkos was also appointed to the solid waste board.

“Justin Karkos would like to serve on both, he wants to get involved in the community,” Miller said.

The board also decided to post an opening on the Regional School Unit 73 Board of Directors on the town’s Facebook page. No one sought the position during the June 8 referendum town meeting vote. There were some write-in votes cast but all declined the position, Miller said.

Advertising the position was one suggestion Miller gave to fill the position.

“It could be as simple as putting it on Facebook,” he noted.

If more than one person expresses interest, a name could be drawn out of a hat, Selectperson Chair Mark Chretien said.

“Don’t spend the money,” Chretien said.

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