WEST PARIS — Last Thursday was a busy meeting for the Selectman as they opened the discussion with the letter written to Rep. Jared Golden regarding the opening of the Post Office. Town Manager Joy Downing heard back from a representative named Curtis Fuller in North Carolina who stated it would take one to two years to get the Post Office back.

He said this was a national crisis with Post Offices shutting down across the country. Fuller further stated that there would be an open comment period for 30-40 days where citizens could ask any questions regarding what they want with the Post Office.

In other news, Ted and Betty Jones sent in a letter regarding freezing property tax amounts for citizens in West Paris who were 80 years old and older until their home sold or death occurred, or freezing excise tax amounts. Town Manager Joy Downing contacted MMA Legal, and found out Selectman can’t freeze taxes. However, if someone dies, the next tenant in the home can pick up the taxes.

Ted Jones, age 83, argued when you’re retired and in your eighties, you need to budget your money. And when your property taxes suddenly rise, it’s hard to manage. He said he wanted to get a body of people to vote on an ordinance for this matter.

Lastly, the Recreation Park Movie Night motion was passed. Angie Painie has raised $1,500 through bottle returns alone to get it on its feet. The movies are free to the public. The public can buy food from the concessions or they can donate. There will be a 20-foot inflatable screen in the field. People can feel free to sit in the grand stands. The first movie night is in August. It is still be decided where everything will be stored.

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