George Bacheldor gravestone. Courtesy photo

This list was formerly on line at It was compiled by [email protected] Sources used were (Census, pensions, service records), (service records), the Franklin County page (cemeteries), and local histories and genealogies, including Shirley Adams’ Rangeley Allied Families, the Thompson genealogy of Freeman and the Gould history of Farmington.

George W. Bachelder (also spelled Bachelor) was the son of Zadoc and Polly Bachelder and was born in Jay. He enlisted at 26 from Eustis Plantation on February 25, 1864, in the 1st Maine Light Artillery. He was mustered out on July 15, 1865. In 1870, he was a farmer and he and his wife Mary and eight children lived in Township 1 (Eustis Plantation post office). Their children were (According to Ancestry): Emmeline Morrison Bachelder, 1856–1941; Cythera Bachelder, 1862–1880; Celia P Bachelder, 1862–1950; Elias Reed Bachelder, 1863–1937; George W. Bachelder, 1865–1948; Mary A. Bachelder, 1867–1898 and Sophronia B. “Polly” Bachelder, 1869–1946.

They lived in East Livermore in 1880. He married Florida Denver Flagg in 1881 and fathered more children, (Ancestry lists 11 or 12!) some born in Quebec. His daughter, Victoria Lillian was born in Megantic, Canada on May 20, 1885 – 1971. The others were John Baptist Bachelder, 1882–1971; Victor George Bachelder, 1883–1884; James Anstin Bachelder, 1887–1969; Florida Ettie Bachelder, 1889–1999, Victor George Bachelder, 1891–1967; Vance Jacob Bachelder, 1893–1985; Roman Roscoe Bachelder, 1896–1939; Winona India Bachelder, 1897–1930; Moses Henry Bachelder Sr, 1900–1969; Aaron Bachelder, 1902–1999; Marjorie Grey Bachelder, 1904–1987; Marion Nathalie Bachelder, 1905–2001

George applied for a pension in 1890. He died September 5, 1919 and is buried in Stratton Lower Cemetery in Eustis. As we see the dates that his children were born, it is possible that some relatives may still live in the area. If anyone has information, especially pictures, regarding Mr. Bachelder, email me at [email protected]

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