FARMINGTON — The University of Maine System has awarded Farmington student Bridget Stephenson the first “Shot Clock Scholarship.”

The scholarship pools all students in the UMaine System that have registered as vaccinated with the COVID-19 shot by Aug. 20 in a lottery to win a series of $1,000 scholarships. So far, over 4,300 students have registered as vaccinated, 3,000 of whom did so after the Shot Clock Scholarship was announced. Over 10,300 UMS community members have “voluntarily verified their vaccination status.”

Stephenson, a Business Economics and Outdoor Recreation Business Administration double major at University of Maine at Farmington, said that she was “super stoked” to receive the scholarship.

Stephenson said that the Shot Clock Scholarship is a positive thing because it “incentivizes” people her age to get the vaccine and helps to combat misinformation young adults are hearing about how they are affected by COVID-19 and the vaccine.

“I was always for (being vaccinated). As soon as the pandemic started, I was waiting until I could get my vaccine,” Stephenson said in a phone interview. “I just wanted everything to go back to normal. As soon as I had the opportunity to get the vaccine I signed up immediately.”

UMF President Edward Serna congratulated Stephenson on being the first winner of the scholarship.

“By being vaccinated against COVID-19, (Stephenson) is protecting her health and the continued health of the UMF community in addition to receiving a well-deserved scholarship,” Serna said in an announcement.

Stephenson said the scholarship is also “super helpful.”

“It’s been amazing to see 1,000 dollars off tuition,” Stephenson said.

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