100 Years Ago: 1921

One of those old-fashioned high wheeled bicycles was seen on the streets of Auburn yesterday. The youngster astride the tiny seat was devoting his entire attention to balancing the awkward contrivance.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Barbara McKnight, director of health, physical education and recreation for the Lewiston YWCA will speak at the Wednesday meeting of the Auburn-Lewiston Kiwanis Club. Her topic will be the operation of the new swimming pool.

25 Years Ago: 1996

An Auburn sculptor whose work was found drifting among the debris from the TWA flight 800 off Long Island, N.Y., said he hopes the carving is returned to its owner’s family. One of David J. Sous’ “tree spirits” — a face carved into a log —was found late last month by the crew of the Driftmaster, an Army Corps of Engineers vessel picked it up in six-foot oil-filled waves along with other debris from the crash,” Smus said Friday. I guess it was kind of a contrast for them. … In the midst of all the tragedy, they picked up this sort of whimsical thing.” Searchers said the smiling face on the artwork moved them as they searched for bodies and airplane parts. “There were a few things that really got to us, and this was one,” William Carl, chief engineer of the Driftmaster, told the New York Times he took a picture of the carving that would be recognized and returned to the owner’s family. The letters “SMUS” were on the back of the log. A college friend saw the Times story, recognized Smus’ work, and called his friend.

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