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BETHEL — Bethel’s Frankie Del Duca, qualifying Olympic bobsledding athlete was born in Florida and moved to Bethel when he was 10 years old. When he was initially visiting his uncle, he broke his leg at Sunday River while skiing. His parents asked him if he wanted to moved to Maine, and at age 10, he assumed he got the lucky opportunity to stay because of a broken leg, Del Duca laughs as he tells the story.

He explains in his junior year at Telestar High School, he was a ski instructor, mentoring kids, teaching them how to live an active lifestyle. He also worked at his father’s restaurant, Frank’s Bar and Grill, which opens during the ski season. He was running track and field, and also racing dirt bikes and lifting weights, when he noticed he could audition for the USA bobsledding team.

He tells everyone if you’re interested in bobsledding, go to and look up the combine schedule under bobsledding. That’s how to get in touch with recruitment.

“I’m just a dude from Maine and found this opportunity I fell in love with,” Del Duca says, stating that when he came initially, he had a week’s worth of clothes, and to this day never left.

When asked how he feels during a competition, Del Duca tells a story.

“There was a moment at one [of the] super races, and there was a kid in the crowd. [The kid said], ‘Steve [his teammates’ name], you’re my hero.’ My throat got tight, [I realized] I was part of something really special, so many people’s stories, trival’s, triumphs; saying that was invaluable.”


Del Duca tells everyone if he can do it, plenty of people can.

“Love what you’re doing,” Del Duca says passionately. “Learn from the tough times. Why did, looking back, it not go well? [Or] why was today a good day?”

On his Facebook page Del Duca writes, “Hard work isn’t hard when you’re living out your passion. Let’s go USA”

Because not only is Del Duca an athlete, but he’s also in the US Army. He currently is in military school with military obligations.

“I’ve always felt [an] obligation to [our] country to serve,” Del Duca says.

He works on his career outside of his sport.

“We could end up sliding together,” Del Duca says humbly, before he goes off to train for the qualifying events for the Olympics.

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