BETHEL — Scott Fraser, one of the owners of Steam Mill Brewing, came before the Bethel Planning Board August 11, to ask whether or not he needed to go through a site plan for his new location for Steam Mill Brewing. It is both a brewery and restaurant, and would not be needing any additional seating in its new location.

Right now, it can sit 93 people. Fraser said he is not adding on seating at the moment because of the pending situation with the pandemic. However, if he chooses to add on, he would come back with a new site plan. The production would be done at the previous location so it would still stay.

The new building, on Sunday River Road, would open on Thanksgiving. The motion was passed unanimously by the board. Cheri Thurston noted, “Personally I commend you and thank you for coming before us…didn’t think you needed to come, but think it’s great to have it on the record.”

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