New England Clean Energy Connect’s advertising propaganda is sickening. Let’s look at some facts:

FACT: New England is known as the exhaust pipe of America . . . whether we get clean or polluted air to breathe depends completely on wind direction.

FACT: Despite this, Maine still has the cleanest air in New England because of its high tree volume (89%).

FACT: Maine will have permanently lost millions of carbon-sequestering trees from phase one of this project. That’s permanent loss to development as opposed to the temporary loss of timber harvesting, which grows back.

FACT: Hydro power produces zero oxygen.

FACT: Hydro-Quebec will be forced to use fossil fuel power to supply its other customers — meaning no greenhouse gas reduction.


FACT: With fewer trees in Maine, Maine will likely have worse air quality if the project goes forward.

FACT: NECEC is a bad deal for Mainers and their health.

FACT: Most advocates for this project will make big money.

FACT: Thousands of Indigenous people were harmed in the creation of Hydro-Quebec’s reservoirs and are still suffering the generational effects of such inhumane treatment.

FACT: Supporting the NECEC project also supports more crimes against humanity to more Indigenous people in Canada.

FACT: On Nov. 2, Mainers will have the opportunity to help stop the humanitarian crimes against Indigenous people by voting yes to stop the NECEC corridor project.

And that’s a fact!

Peter McKeown, Turner

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