Artwork by Bryce Cloutier. Submitted photo

Bryce Cloutier, an artist and cook born and raised in Lewiston, is the next featured artist in the Art and Ale window at Gritty’s in Auburn.

Cloutier started drawing and painting early and used that love of art to fuel his passion for cooking. After cooking in kitchens since the age of 16 and attending the Culinary Institute of America, he realized that the fast-paced, intense environment that goes hand-in-hand with Michelin star cooking was not part of his passion. Cloutier returned home and used painting to bring himself back to who he used to be. He has always had a want to create and is always doing so and he soon realized that painting was his way of expressing his full imagination, and uses this creative freedom to just be himself. Since he made the decision not to go into the intense world of cooking for Michelin star restaurants, he now knows that painting has been his true passion all along.

Bryce says of his work: “Creating mystical worlds and science fiction landscapes is an escape for me, something truly addictive. A blank slate to imagine whatever I want, while partially fueled by emotions and what I’m feeling at that time. Painting can be a powerful tool for dealing with mental illness and has been an inspiring experience for me. A powerful imagination can be a blessing and a curse but with mindfulness it can truly change the way you see the world.”

Bryce’s work will be up through August. To purchase art email [email protected] To submit your work for consideration visit

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